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Lee Miller
Vice President and Director of Operations

Lee Miller is the Vice President and Director of Operations at Norac Pharma. Mr. Miller is responsible for Manufacturing, Maintenance, Engineering, Safety, Procurement, Shipping/Receiving and Informational Services. Mr. Miller has been in the pharmaceutical manufacturing business for over 31 years from API production to finished dosage form. His expertise is in the conversion of Pilot Plant production to efficient commercial scale production. Mr. Miller’s contributions as a member of the Norac Pharma management team since 2000 have helped to double the output of some of Norac Pharma’s manufacturing processes as well as the design and construction of new facilities to meet the growing demand for commercial products. Prior to joining Norac Pharma, Mr. Miller was the Operations Manager at Sulzer Biologics in Golden, CO where he developed a manufacturing team to extract and isolate proteins. Mr. Miller also managed manufacturing activities at Hauser Chemical Research in the extraction and purification of novel compounds. Mr. Miller reports directly to Dr. Levin.