JOB TITLE: Chemist, Process Research and Development

DEPARTMENT: Process Research and Development

SUPERVISOR:Senior Chemist, Senior Chemist I, Senior Chemist II, Projects Leader, Projects Leader I, Projects Leader II, Principal Scientist, Senior Principal Scientist, Process Research and Development


The Process Research and Development Chemist under supervision will perform synthetic chemistry experiments to assist in developing and validating process chemistry for new and/or established products and projects, characterizing reaction products and intermediates with appropriate methods and maintaining laboratory records in accordance with cGMP/GLP practices and requirements.


  • Primary Responsibilities:
    • Under supervision assist in developing and validating new process chemistry and exploiting and validating established process chemistry for synthetic organic chemical reactions.
    • Under supervision assist with the scale-up of new products from gram quantities to production quantities.
    • Prepare novel compounds with optimized chemical and/or physical properties.
    • Generate gram quantities of high-purity samples of key intermediates, most often by chromatography, recrystallization, and/or ambient/reduced pressure distillation.
    • Perform routine characterization of reaction products and intermediates by both wet and instrumental methods.
    • Maintain laboratory records in accordance with accepted cGMP/GLP laboratory practices, SOPs, and regulatory requirements.
    • Assist with review of GMP-related (i.e., controlled) documentation.
  • Safety Responsibilities:
    • Actively support the Environmental, Health & Safety programs of Norac Pharma to ensure employee and plant safety and security.

Education / Experience / Personal Requirements:

  • B.Sc. in Chemistry (or equivalent)
  • Preferably, experience with basic chemistry laboratory technology and practical hands-on knowledge of general chemistry.
  • Basic experience in a variety of synthetic organic transformations is helpful.
  • Knowledge of broad based cGMP/GLP principles and the ability to apply said principles is helpful.
  • Ability to perform a range of chemical calculations.
  • Some practical experience in the techniques and procedures of modern organic chemistry including spectroscopy, chromatography, handling air-sensitive agents, etc.
  • Basic computer literacy (knowledge of Excel or other spreadsheet programs recommended).
  • A high degree of patience.
  • A strong commitment to mastering advanced laboratory techniques.
  • Good interpersonal skills in a decentralized environment.
  • A careful observer dedicated to maintaining professionally valid records including lab notebooks.
  • Intellectually inquisitive.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Good at following instructions and asking pertinent questions.