Kilo Lab

Norac Pharma’s state-of-the-art R&D Scale-Up Facility is cGMP compliant and equipped to produce kilogram quantities of your API for toxicological, preclinical, and Phase I through III clinical trials.

Our facility is capable of handling up to and including Category 3 potent compounds as categorized by SafeBridgeTM.  Required elements include separate gowning and degowning areas, HEPA filtered intake and exhaust air, negatively pressurized suites, and laminar flow hoods for safe handling of potent solids and powders.

cGMP Compliant:
  • Toxicological, Preclinical, Phase I/II/III API Supply

Three Large-Scale Reaction Suites

  • Walk-In Fume Hoods
  • Jacketed Glass Reactors – up to 100L scale
  • Rotary Evaporators – up to 20L scale
  • Lab Scale Wiped-Film Evaporator
  • Hastelloy Aurora® Filter Dryers – Contained Solids Isolation and Packaging
  • Vacuum Ovens

Medium Scale Reaction Suite

  • Glass reactors – up to 5L 
  • Standard Complement of Laboratory Equipment

Potent Manufacturing - Up to SafebridgeTM Category 3  

  • Gowning/Degowning Areas
  • Negatively Pressurized Suites
  • Laminar Flow Hoods – Safe Handling of Powders
  • HEPA Filtered Air – Intake & Exhaust

High Pressure Reaction Capacity

  • 19L Parr Pressure Reactor
  • Hydrogen Gas and Transfer Hydrogenation
  • Other High Pressure Reactions